Skates Out Virtual Privacy Policy

While participating in The Roller Skating Lessons Sessions, participants Info. will not be Sold nor a 3rd party useage of Info is Prohibited.  Client will be exposed to company confidential information. Confidential information is defined as confidential and proprietary techniques and information of the company to which the general public does not have access. This will include techniques, mental techniques, body coordination skills taught, skate systems and procedures, formulas, file and all other information, knowledge, or data or any kind or nature relating to the products, services or business of Inside Out Consulting Systems / DBA Skates' Out Virtual company.

Participants are prohibited from disclosing or duplicating such confidential information to the public. Upon completion of the course, participants shall return all confidential information if applicable. Participants are also prohibited from accessing files, techniques and other company resources which they do not have authorization to access. 

Additionally, company prohibits the unauthorized or secret recording of said confidential or proprietary information or images belonging to Skates Out Virtual roller skating lessons,  its employees, instructors, customers, clients or participants. Unauthorized means any purpose not approved by purchasing of this The Roller Skate Lessons/Sessions. Recording means the use of any device to capture images or voice regardless of whether in person, by telephone or by other means such as videotaping, screen shots, click-to-chat or in writing. Violation of the confidentiality or recording clauses is considered breach of this agreement and may subject the offender to a lawsuit. 



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