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Fascination for roller skating has always been a rich part of our culture, throughout centuries. The popularity of this nostalgic past-time and natural connection  with skating to the patterns of music continues to skyrocket across social media platforms since its surge on Tik Tok. This new modus operandi not only keeps your spirits high in the midst of the darkness we face daily as we experience the global unprecedented Covid-19 virus, but also serves as a fun way to find time away from pandemic boredom and work in some great  exercise routines. It’s a lifelong  outlet for fun, friendship, and a healthier lifestyle, that engages the body, mind and soul, as we embrace today’s change.

And yes,  you can lose weight while roller skating and get into shape. You can count on about one hour of roller skating to burn up hundreds of calories to help tone and shape your body. It also provides a complete aerobic workout using all of the body's muscles, especially the heart, equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits.


Skates’ Out, accomplished Founder & Certified Instructor, Coach AK, who served as General Manager for over 10 years at the popular Sparkles of Smyrna Skating Rink prior to the pandemic, has created Skates’ Out Virtual Training Methods To Roller Skating.” This new and innovative way to fun and wellness for beginner youth, teens, and adults – no matter what age – is aimed to train beginners on becoming skaters safely.   


But as many Strides across the floors of a roller skating rink there are others who struggle with the ability to simply balance and control themselves on skates, let alone try skating on a slippery floor that doesn’t seem safe. These 3 simple techniques are the important fundamentals to the basics of avoiding accidents and injuries, in mastering the sport.






Your posture plays a vital role in maintaining your balance on skates. This is the mental equivalent of balancing a penny on the end of your finger. The penny naturally wants to topple over unless you exert an effort to keep it balanced. Students are coached on how to place your feet, bend your knees, and maintain a squat position.


Every activity comes with risks that. Serious accidents can occur while skating, from collisions to tripping and falling, especially for new beginners. It’s advised that beginners first work with a trained instructor to understand the fundamental tips and different skating forms that are crucial to your safety, while still having fun.  


Ready? Steady? Go! Duck feet and the plow require a lot of control and can easily get messy if you lose that control. This is where your muscles do a lot of the work. From transitioning into shifting your body to alternating on skates. Collision with other skaters and loss of control are the main factors leading to injury. It’s important to know your drills and get in tune with your stance to gain your confidence by putting your skills into practice.




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