Coach AK of Skates' Out Virtual Keynote Speaker at The Come Back Champion Summit 2021

Coach AK of Skates' Out Virtual Keynote Speaker at The Come Back Champion Summit 2021

January 13, 2021

Champion Summit

Winning never grows old. #Never 

So make every step better than your last. Every drop of sweat translates into growth. Renew your faith in the dream. Find new inspiration. Gain NEW SKILLS, strength & confidence. Forget the doubters. Count on the victories. Positivity is fuel to make it to the finish line. 

How do we train? It’s time to crush it alongside DYNAMIC mentors, coaches, and speakers. Our lineup of Comeback Champions is stoked to motivate, inspire, and push you to a whole NEW LEVEL. Take the plunge. Registration is the first step toward elevating YOUR BRAND OF GREATNESS. 

Be my guest at The World’s #1 VIRTUAL 5-DAY SUMMIT for The Development of Champions:  

Register your FREE seat NOW AT link below!


Greatness shines better when you give back. After you reserve your no-cost ticket, share this post with a friend. 


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Skates' Out NEW Virtual Roller Skate Courses

Skates' Out NEW Virtual Roller Skate Courses

November 05, 2020





Your posture plays a vital role in maintaining your balance on skates. This is the mental equivalent of balancing a penny on the end of your finger. The penny naturally wants to topple over unless you exert an effort to keep it balanced. Students are coached on how to place your feet, bend your knees, and maintain a squat position.




Every activity comes with risks that. Serious accidents can occur while skating, from collisions to tripping and falling, especially for new beginners. It’s advised that beginners first work with a trained instructor to understand the fundamental tips and different skating forms that are crucial to your safety,  while still having fun.  



Ready? Steady? Go! Duck feet and the plow require a lot of control and can easily get messy if you lose that control. This is where your muscles do a lot of the work. From transitioning into shifting your body to alternating on skates. Collision with other skaters and loss of control are the main factors leading to injury. It’s important to know your drills and get in tune with your stance to gain your confidence by putting your skills into practice.



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