October 09, 2020

Roller Skate talk with Coach AK,

Since COVID-19 Pandemic Roller Skating has become more popular and relevant. When I was a kid all we knew was roller skating in our basement or on the streets. But know so many of us are looking for a go to place to free our mind body and soul. I have been teaching and coaching roller skating for the past 11 years, Roller Skating but not just your average Roller Skating lesson but a Healthier New way of Roller skating. With just 3 simple techniques . Do you still have wobbling legs like Bambi these three simple steps you need to have for Roller skating. "Balancing, Coordination & Control" due to COVID -19 my family and I changed our business during the pandemic to go virtually instead of in person roller skating lessons in order to keep the legacy going safely. I know you are wondering how will a person teach me how to Roller Skate Virtually. Please follow me on this journey with Skates' Out Virtual Roller Skating Lessons.

Helpful TIP for a New Roller Skater: always bend your knees to keep  "Balancing, Coordination & Control"


Coach AK,

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