10 Year Anniversary Atlanta Skates’Out Posted on September 23, 2019 by Arvon Bacon

February 18, 2020

Friday marked the tenth year anniversary for Skates’ Out skating. Skates’ Out has been the leader in revamping the skating community in North Georgia by hosting weekend skating lessons. Since the early 2000’s no more than 19 percent of Americans were actively roller skating leisurely, unlike the height of past time in the 60s and 70’s. Skates’ Out has raised their skating lessons attendance 48 percent since introducing the idea in 2009.  

“We started in September of 2009 and it started off as a shocker, we ended up having 13 kids and 10 adults in our first class ever,” said Antwane Kelly, Skate Instructor at Sparkles Family and Fun Center “Now we are averaging about 15 in our adult class and 20 in our youth.”  Teaching older generations and the younger generation will not only jump start its attendance in the short term but will also spark future generations to make skating an enjoyable pastime.  

“It is truly a blessing and honor to teach a diversity of people,” said Kelly. “Personally I think skating is still growing, I have seen more of the younger skaters showing more of an urgency to get lessons on how to roller skate, and just the experience of skating makes you want to continue and evolve as a skater.” Prior to Kelly becoming a teacher for Skates’ Out at Sparkles, the love for skating was passed to him from his dad, the owner of Skates’ Out.  

“The biggest influence on me picking up skates would be my dad,” said Kelly. “Skating in my mind means stress free, skating is some you can do after a long week of work and gives you a peace of mind.”  Because Kelly had the love of skating introduced to him at an early age, it has helped him genuinely lookout for the best interest of his students by determining what would be the best way to help them obtain their skating goals.   Due to success of the brand, Netflix reached out to Skates’Out and owner Coach AK was invited to come on set teach actors and actresses how to fall safely as well as teaching them key techniques on how to improve their skating.  “Leaving a legacy for the future of roller skating is what drives me,” said Coach AK. This is accomplished when you personally get to know the person who struggles to stand on skates and then transform them into capable skaters.” Skates’ Out is located in Smyrna, GA near Cobb County and offers skating lessons to youth beginners and adult beginners. 

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